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Hulu is on of the biggest site in the world to watch episodes and movies along with netflix and HBO now.

some countries won’t be available for hulu and you better check with support before the purchase.

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From the ancient Chinese proverb, Hulu is described as the “holder of precious things”. Hulu is one of the leading premium streaming services that has held up to its name. It is said that a Hulu subscription is twice as valuable as any other subscriptions.

Here are some of the major reasons;

Speed: Compared to other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu has proven to be the Usain Bolt of contents. Though Netflix might offer more contents, Hulu offers a faster delivery of the same content. That is, you can watch new episodes the morning after they are aired. The innovative company has worked towards bringing these shows and movies even faster as it recently launched a beta version of its live TV service with plans of making deals with several big programming groups including parent companies like 21st Century Fox, Disney, etc

Superb User-Interface: The Company has completely examined their customers and has made their user interface very friendly. They ensure the viewers are always engaged. After viewers are done with a show, they recommend another show based on the viewer’s viewing habits. Also, shows can be sent to the “my stuff” section to make them easily accessible whenever they are needed.
Variety in plans: Statistically, Americans watch an average of 1.4 billion ads a month. Hulu has a variety of plans, just like other streaming services, to best suit their customers’ fancy. At the initial stage of membership, there is a free trial- plan that last up to one month. After the one month, the customer is required to choose from either the plus plan ($7.99) or the no commercial plan ($11.99).
PLUS PLAN- quite affordable but it comes with commercials
NO COMMERCIAL PLAN- comes with commercial free content.
As Ads can be so distracting during movies, Hulu ensures that viewers are not taken out of the moment due to commercials. So instead of letting them watch several short ads at different intervals of the movie, it lets you watch a long Ad at the beginning of the episode ensuring that both plan are conducive



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